91 Trainwreck

Let the music move you, let the beat drop

Meet our musical band

Scott Halley & Jarrett James

91 Trainwreck

enjoy our rhythm and contagious melodies that will reach your soul

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7/21     Tulsa, OK               Rodeo  Night Club

8/25    Eufala, OK             Rocking Country bar

8/26    Eufala, OK             Rocking Country bar

9/1       Pottsborro, TX     Tanglewood Resort

9/2     Sherman, TX          Bumper Club

9/8     Denison, TX            1880 Ice House 

9/9     Savoy, TX                Abate Rally

9/16    Sherman, TX          Elks Lodge

10/7    Sherman, TX          Bumper Club

10/20  Sparks, OK             Sparks America Campground 

10/21   Denison, TX           1880 Ice House 

11/11     Sherman, TX          Bumper Club 


91 Trainwreck

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91 Trainwreck

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